Palmeras Del Este 1 & 2 Inauguration and Palmeras del Este 3 and 4 First Pick

    11 March 2019

    On Tuesday February 19th was the opening ceremony of our projects Palmeras del Este 1 and 2, as well as the first pick to start the construction work of the residential Palmeras del Este 3 and 4 in Ciudad Juan Bosch, Santo Domingo Este. President Danilo Medina led the activity, accompanied by several ministers and personalities linked to the business field of construction and tourism.

    The central words of the event were in charge of our president Álvaro Peña, who said he was grateful to be part of the solution to the social debt that represents the issue of access to housing. He said that Ciudad Juan Bosch is a space that was thought, planned and designed with its own services such as energy, water, transportation, schools, hospitals, childcare centers, people with disabilities and seniors, among other benefits.

    “But besides that there are other things that are not seen. Ciudad Juan Bosch was designed with some interests for sustainable loans over time and a rate that does not vary. 90% of the price of housing is financed and, apart from that, the fees that would be paid for both the initial and the banks are equivalent to what they paid for something badly called housing, “he said.

    Palmeras del Este 1 and 2 comprise a total of 848 apartments, while Palmeras del Este 3 and 4 will have a total of 1,008 additional apartments. The apartments are from 2 to 3 rooms and their prices are from RD$1.5MM. The residential style is characterized by modern and attractive structures. Both its interior and exterior have an avant-garde design, including recreational areas such as green boulevard, clubhouse, sports court, playground and urban gym.