CODELPA and UNIBE sign a cooperation agreement in favor of the exchange of experience in teaching and field staff

    17 October 2020

    Santo Domingo, D.N. 15 de octubre, 2020.With the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences and personnel in the fields of teaching, research and culture in general, Codelpa together with the Universidad Iberoamericana Unibe, signed a cooperation agreement, lead by our president, the engineer Álvaro Peña and the academic vice-rector, Dr. Odile Camilo.

    Both institutions joined forces to contribute to the economic and social improvement of the country, committing themselves to develop initiatives in favor of education.

    During the signing ceremony, Álvaro Peña said: ‘’ We believe in education because it is the ideal way to modify culture and reinvent ourselves on a personal and professional level. What we are today is the fruit of the education we receive. At Codelpa, we bet on young talent and with this agreement together with Unibe, we want to be able to serve as an incentive for students seeking to boost their professional careers. ” Álvaro Peña, president of Codelpa, explained.

    On the other hand, the academic vice-rector, Dr. Odile Camilo indicated: “Through this firm we are confident that we will act as a team. We know that the collaboration ties and learning opportunities for our students will translate into an interesting synergy, strengthening us as an academic institution having a commercial partner like Codelpa ”.

    About UNIBE
    In 2019, the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), consolidates itself as the first bilingual university in the country. For the fourth consecutive year, it obtained the best score in the QS Latin America Ranking. Since its founding in 1982, it has been recognized for its leadership and for being an innovative institution that offers relevant academic programs and a transformative educational experience, thanks to its cutting-edge educational model. Currently, it offers 15 majors, more than 30 postgraduate degrees and a wide portfolio of continuing education programs. By 2020, UNIBE became the first university in the Dominican Republic to be a member of Quality Matters (QM), an international leader in quality assurance of digital and virtual teaching and learning environments.