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    Constructions that transcend.

    Convinced that infrastructure is the basis for the growth of citizens, companies and nations, our firm has performed with a criterion of innovation, discipline, training and a consistent investment in quality that, in turn, generates the satisfaction of our customers and collaborators.


    Gustavo Mejia Ricart #113, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

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    Codelpa Core Strengths

    30 Years of Experience

    Founded in 1988, with more than 3 decades of experience.

    We always deliver on time

    Codelpa always delivers projects on time.

    ISO 9001

    Certified since 2011, quality is the foundation of our company.

    Multiple Recognitions

    Codelpa has received numerous national and international awards.

    Codelpa: integrated solutions in the construction industry.

    Codelpa prioritizes action.

    Codelpa is strict punctuality.

    Codelpa works in a socially correct and environmentally responsible manner.

    Codelpa is Certified Quality.

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