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    With over two decades of engineering and construction expertise, Codelpa shares with you its history. One that has allowed the development of transcendental projects that are now part of the Caribbean landscape.

    Well aware of the fact that infrastructure is the foundation that fosters the future growth and development of citizens, businesses, and nations alike; Codelpa has always operated with a performance criterion that is based on innovation, discipline, training, and a consistent investment in quality. Such a criterion has in turn rendered increased satisfaction to both our clients and our partners. This achievement has been the result of the arduous efforts exerted by all members of the Codelpa family.

    Familiar to many, the pages of this publication show structures, sites, and places that progressively acquired the shape and characteristics invested by designers, interior decorators, architects and engineers, until their owners’ dreams became a reality.

    Seeing them again today brings to mind moments that filled us with pride and satisfaction, for having actively contributed towards the achievements of all those who entrusted us with their projects.
    This book is an invitation to know Codelpa’s long-standing career, fully confident, that in doing so, you will be encouraged to continue to partner along our side in our pursuit to build a better nation.

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