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    Business Units And Strategic Alliances

    To offer solutions that meet the needs of its customers, Codelpa has vertically and horizontally incorporated complementary business units and strategic alliances, which include engineering products and services, heavy construction equipment, and the manufacture of hydraulic blocks and concrete. last through Concredom, as an associated company.

    The pillars to obtain the confidence of our clients have been: integration of Codelpa’s business units; high quality standards; Punctuality in the delivery date; capacity and experience of more than 200 professionals who work as a team … which has allowed us to have built more than one million meters, in more than two decades of the Company’s life.

    Blocks del Pais

    Due to the high demand for high quality products for the construction of tourism projects in the East Zone of the Dominican Republic, Codelpa incorporated the manufacture of blocks in 2005 under the brand “Blocks del Pais”. The plant, located in Bávaro, Dominican Republic, has a capacity of 34,000 thousand units of blocks per day. The rigorous quality control in each of the production stages guarantees a product of unsurpassed resistance.

    In 2013 Codelpa installed a second block plant in Haiti, with an installed capacity of 32,000 blocks daily, to supply the Haitian market.

    Codelpa Real Estate

    Codelpa expands its business vision with the incorporation of CODELPA Inmobiliaria to develop high-end residential constructions, as well as for the social housing market, already starting with the development of the Palmeras del Este project in Ciudad Juan Bosch…


    Concredom began operations in 2002. It has a production capacity of 72,635 m³ per month, with a precise dispatch of 100m³ per hour to any point in the country. It provides concrete pumped services, technical advice and quality control through its laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, it has availability of mobile plants.

    Concredom is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and since its foundation has maintained a strategic alliance with Codelpa as an associated company.

    Cement Panam

    Cemento Panam is a modern cement factory conceived under the concept of green plant, with high quality standards and state-of-the-art technology.

    This company is participated by Codelpa as an investor. Its first phase of operation began in 2013 with an installed capacity to grind 70 tons per hour of clinker grinding and 520 thousand tons of cement per year.

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