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     We Invite You To Discover Codelpa

    Codelpa shares with you a history of more than two decades of experience in the area of engineering and construction, which has allowed the development of works that today transcend and form part of the Caribbean landscape. Convinced that infrastructure is the basis for the growth of citizens, companies and nations, our firm has performed with a criterion of innovation, discipline, training and a consistent investment in quality that, in turn, generates the satisfaction of our customers and partners. This achievement has been the result of an arduous effort made by all members of the Codelpa Family.

    History and Development

    In 1988, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, Codelpa was born, a company that since its inception was dedicated to construction, building imposing residential towers and working on the vertical concept as a response to urban growth. that has been growing, Codelpa has diversified its products and services. As a result of the success obtained in the field of construction, in 2002, Codelpa opened its offices in Bávaro and Santo Domingo, expanding later to Samaná, La Romana, Puerto Plata, San Francisco de Macorís and other important tourist spots in the country, covering almost the entire national territory. The next step was to operate in other Caribbean countries where it has established strong commercial ties that now produce contributions for the development of the countries where Codelpa is located.

    A Leading Company

    Codelpa is a leading company in the construction of hotel projects, with more than 15,000 rooms built for important national and international tourism chains. At the same time, it has a solid experience in the development of residential projects, at the same time that it keeps growing in the manufacture of products and services associated to the construction industry. In this sense, Codelpa contributes with the economic growth of the country generating jobs, business opportunities, and creating value partnerships that help the personal fulfillment of its members, the business success of its customers and suppliers and the sustained development of the communities where it has operations. The business policy of this industry is based on solid values corporate, that importance the quality and interest in customer service, prioritize action, simplify the difficult, build relationships of reliability with customers, suppliers and partners, working in a socially correct and environmentally responsible. The result of this network of values has sustained the trajectory of Codelpa in more than two decades of performance.

    Quality politics

    Codelpa is committed to providing products and services that meet the needs of our customers, complying with the regulations that apply to us and continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. To achieve this commitment we set ourselves the following quality objectives: Offer a high level of customer service Deliver the products and services in the agreed time Comply with the technical specifications agreed with our customers.


    Provide products and services of the construction industry to meet the needs of our customers, contributing to the personal fulfillment of our members, the business success of our customers and suppliers and the sustained development of the country.


    To be recognized by our strict quality standards and high level of customer satisfaction, leading with innovation in the markets where we operate.

    Corporate values

    • Prioritize Action
    • We work as a team
    • We simplify the Difficult
    • Social responsability

    Individual Values

    • Commitment to Quality
    • Optimism
    • Dedication
    • Ethics and Integrity
    • Loyalty
    • Puntuality
    • Customer service

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     Gustavo Mejia Ricart #113, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana




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